PDF file "Antología - about the show" you can download HERE

Antología - The best of Black Light Theatre Srnec

The performance is a selection of eight scenes from the work of Black Light Theatre Srnec since its foundation in 1961 – e.g., The Flying Bicycle, What’s next?, White Pierrot in Black, or The Week of Dreams.

You will learn what your underwear is doing when you’re not looking. We will demonstrate that street-lamps can be human’s most dangerous foes. We will persuade you that animals are much more intelligent than you may have thought. Simply, get ready that with us nothing is how you would expect it to be. A non-verbal (without words) show full of witty humour, dance and black-light theatre skill will not only put you in a good mood but it will also show you how some qualities of human nature, that we meet every day, can be dealt with.

„The experience with the international audience has shown that each thing the human has invented and made may contain humour that may be understood by anybody. The convincingness of the objects coming to life is given by the manipulator’s acting mastery. The critics from all the continents appreciated the invisible actors who made the audience laugh or think by means of the objects. The silent movie era, Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin – these masters are still being admired. Laughter, or smile at least, is needed more now – in the over-engineered period of too many words and few good deeds – than before.“ - Jiří Srnec - founder of the theatre.

Antología (the name coming from Greek where it meant a selection of the best poems) is one of the favourite titles. The company performed it at the sold-out square in Italian city Campobasso in front of 15,000 spectators, in Nicaragua and El Salvador the presidents visited the show, and in 2002 four of the scenes represented the Czech Republic during the NATO Summit in Prague.

You will see the oldest black light theatre scene ever made - "Launderette" was created two years prior to the official foundation of the Black Light Theatre Srnec. The scene "Magician“ allows the invisible performers to show off their mastery: The objects appear, change, and vanish again yet the audience will never reveal the magic secret. The nearly human behaviour of the four-legged friend of a Western bartender in the scene „Horse“ is simply funny - we all talk to dogs, birds, pets and animals in general so imagine they would really understand what we were saying to them...